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Putting Things in the Right Place

I found some places in the output where volume, instead of slowly ramping up at the beginning of a word, suddenly jumped to a maximum value. Clearly, something wasn’t right. In the process of tracking down that bug, I again … Continue reading

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One of the goals of synSinger is clear articulation. I’d always assumed that interpolating formant transitions with non-linear curves would give better results than simple linear interpolation. But while the results may be more “natural”, the aren’t as clear and … Continue reading

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Quasi-Sinusoidal Voicing Revisited

Voiced fricatives, such as /B/ and /G/, are essentially the same as their unvoiced variants /P/ and /K/, but with the addition of voicing. However, the voicing is a “quasi-sinusoidal” (QS) voicing, in that it resembles a sinusoidal wave more … Continue reading

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Packaging Lua Code

Although the code isn’t quite ready for prime time, I’m trying to get it to the point where I can get it to some beta testers. Optimally, I’d like to be able to deliver synSinger as a single executable, rather … Continue reading

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